Guidance on the quest
To truth and clarity so
Growth can manifest



I’d like us to be honest with each other for a moment…life is rarely simple.

Like many of the people I continually meet, I’ve often come across speed-bumps in my own life. Sometimes I’ve all-out slammed into cold, hard roadblocks.

I’ve managed to work through these blips with time, patience, self-enquiry and an openness to new ways of thinking thanks to the generosity of the best and brightest guides. These teachers have taught me the multiple paths of self-development, all of which have a few things in common: Rigorous study, dedication and of course discipline in daily practice. 

I’ve made it my purpose to first collate and then share the knowledge I’ve accumulated from these most priceless resources. Within my physical teaching and coaching, and within the online contents of my blog, I want to share this knowledge with you. Three key themes prevail — BODY, MIND and FLOW. This is a triangle that I refer back to constantly.

So if you are in search of ‘something’ (but not sure exactly what); some help or support, or simply to look at a different route, I would love to serve as a resource for your self-development.


I invite you to connect with me by exploring my site and checking out the people, places and things that inspire me most. Expect great food, travel, practice and my thoughts on life.

In the interest of finding a formula for your forward momentum, I would also love to hear from you:

What is working for you?   What isn’t?   How can I be of service?